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Reduce staff strain with desktop server management consultants

Tame Servers

Management in One Place

If desktops are the lifeblood, then servers are the heart. With server management many operations are streamlined.

  • New business reports and expanded inventory management tools
  • IT asset discovery, analysis and management
  • Security tools
  • Remote control / problem resolution
  • System and application monitoring, alerting and healing

Desktop Oversight

Eliminate Unnecessary Downtime

Effectively manage your user facing equipment and ensure minimal downtime.
  • Patch Management
  • Software distribution
  • Security tools
  • OS imaging and profile migration
Logical Front uses systems management software to enable server and desktop management from a single interface. Our solutions utilize industry leading software of integrated management solutions for desktops, servers, and mobile devices. These solutions are also easy to learn, use, and scale. Additionally, they support heterogeneous IT environments, including Windows, Apple, Linux, Unix and handheld operating systems. Our solutions leverage existing investments in database, application, and directory service technologies in order to enable a low cost-of-ownership and a high return on investment solution. We are your trusted desktop server management consultants.

 System Assessment


In order to best understand which BCM solution works best for your organization, our experts do a full system assessment.

Consultation and Installation

Our experts present their recommendations for the best solution tailor-made to suit your business needs and budget.


Desktops are the lifeblood of any computer network. These are the computers with which your employees spend their time making and reviewing your information. When desktops are down, employees cannot work as effectively. Logical Front takes a proactive approach to desktop support that will save you from unnecessary downtime. Our teams will help you ensure that all desktops have the latest device drivers and patches. Furthermore, we will show your teams how to do status and performance monitoring to make sure that your PC’s keep up with the workload. Above all, our goal is to reduce downtime to a minimum and increase productivity to the maximum.


As the hub of your systems, servers process data and other vital information. In order to protect this information, Logical Front will help you to be able to provide timely backups. We can also configure redundancy through RAID configurations, mirrored servers, system images, and load balancing. Finally, we will help you proactively use the advanced monitoring and logging capabilities of your servers to watch for potential failures.

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