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Series of black and gray cables showing networking in a datacenter

Data Center Modernization 

In this rapidly growing business world, staying up-to-date with all the latest technologies is a crucial asset. This is especially true when you are in immense pressure to efficiently process an ever-growing volume of data. The explosive growth of data and the ability to process it are two major issues which eventually lead to the increased Data Management cost and many connected complexities.

One approach is boosting the performance of your infrastructure; this is a smart move. This type of thinking will allow you to pursue an effective data center modernization strategy.

With the prime purpose of reducing data center complexities and increasing scalability in your business, the concept of Data Center Modernization is introduced. Data Center Modernization transforms your business with the help of Cloud services and automation, which introduce simplicity and scalability into your infrastructure.

Unlock the True Power of Data with Our Powerful Solutions

Data Center Modernization is targeted to provide the following solutions:

Data Center Optimization

There are several drivers that push us into Data Center Modernization and Optimization. Poor data center strategies can lead to poor performance. Performance issues lead to user complaints. The lack of next-gen architectures can impact your ROI of new technologies.

Each business has diversity in their data center needs. They’re special—with custom requirements; just ask them. Setting up a solution based on this diversity is beneficial for your business. Any Data Center Modernization strategy begins with an assessment. Our approach is to analyze your environment to maximize the value you can obtain from your current and future IT investments.

Having a flexible solution is an essential key for a successful data center modernization plan. With precise understanding of modern-day enterprise data platforms, we will lead you towards a solution tailored to your needs. Some of our options are below.


With our advanced approach, the server and storage integration is designed so that intense workloads can be handled under a single, scalable framework. Moreover, the solution protects and secures your data. Our agile methodology lets you make the optimum use of your existing resources – saving your money, time, and resources.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

HCI is designed to combine storage, computing, and networking in a single system. It can provide the equivalent of a public cloud infrastructure to handle all your computing needs in one box.

Benefits of Hyper Converged Infrastructure include:

  • Simplicity and flexibility
  • Storage, servers, and networking – all are integrated into a single system
  • Ease-of-use with greater scalability and resource-efficiency

Private/Public cloud

Another option for modernizing your data center is to implement a cloud infrastructure, be it a public, private, or hybrid Cloud. See Logical Front’s eXtensile Cloud/Hybrid Cloud offering for more details.

With this approach, you no longer have to worry about keeping your data center infrastructure current; think BIOS updates, server hardware refresh cycles, and so on. All of these issue evaporate with a well-thought-out Cloud approach.

Modernization with Logical Front

Optimize, transform and digitize your environment with Logical Front’s Data Center Modernization expertise. Our client-first-strategy for creating data solutions is crafted exclusively for providing you with highly advanced, scalable, future-ready, and real-time solutions.

Perks to Data Center Modernization by Logical Front

  • Agile Data Infrastructure
  • Fastest performance with maximum ROI
  • Reduced Enterprise Cost
  • Rapid Development with Advanced Access Methods
  • Data center infrastructure headaches eliminated
  • Modern Data Protection
  • Intelligent Operations
  • Secure with ease of access
  • Efficient Results Guaranteed

So, if you too want to adopt this continuous improvement cycle for your business, contact us now.