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IT security is more than just surveillance.

Your Data Demands Protection

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, from our personal banking details to government infrastructures. With so many interdependencies, protecting our technology networks has become not only necessary, but top priority. Consequently, our personal data isn’t the only concern. Cyber attacks stand at the summit of international agendas, too.

Recent high-profile breaches have raised fears that attacks or other IT security fiascoes will become ever-present threats. 

As widespread as this is, it’s imperative to secure your network to keep your company and customers’ data safe and have a reliable backup installed. The remedy to these hacks, such as mitigating customer risk from compromised information, can be very expensive. However, an comprehensive IT security suite can prevent hackers from holding your data hostage. 

Mitigate Commercial Losses

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) estimates cyber crime and other IT security issues cost the global economy a whopping $400 billion every year, and the number is rising. Costs include lost business, investigation costs, and lowered brand image. Those costs are in addition to the cost of fixing the system itself. Don’t be among the 3,000 US companies hackers target each year. Prepare today, so you don’t have to repair tomorrow. 

Common Security Threats




Denial of Service (DoS) attacks disrupt a network by overwhelming the network or servers with high volumes of traffic. Once overwhelmed, all services are disrupted.

Ransomware is nothing new, but the past couple of years have seen this form of attack skyrocket. Hackers exploit your systems via trojans/malware and demand payment to release them.

Phishing is an attack that uses social engineering to learn a user’s password or personal data. Often this takes the form of an email that appears to be from a trusted source.

Protecting your Organization

Aside from commercial loss and breached data, lack of cyber security weakens an organization. On the inside, an unprotected system opens the possibilities for extortion and disrupts operations. External repercussions can take the form of soured public relations, damaged trust among suppliers and customers, and regulatory action.

Cyber attacks can leave an organization unable to meet contractual obligations. Additionally, businesses can face negligence claims when they fall prey to cyber attacks.  The integrity of your systems as a whole is dependent on IT security.  It costs time and money to keep your business safe. But, imagine the cost to your company if you suffer a data breach.

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