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Videos about Logical Front

About VDI Services Through Logical Front!

We know desktop virtualization (also known as virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI) like the back of our hand. Our team has successfully designed and deployed over 600,000 virtual desktops as part of our VDI solutions. Our engineering team spends every day living and breathing desktop virtualization. This is so we can guarantee a successful project for your organization.

Protecting Your Data from Disaster with Logical Front

Backup and recovery systems are like life rafts; you hope you never have to use them, but you wouldn’t want to be caught without them in the case of an emergency. Losing data can be disastrous. This is especially true for companies that heavily rely on computer systems to share, edit, create and save data. With an increasing dependence on information systems comes an increasing necessity for a data recovery plan. Backing up to the cloud is a modern solution to improving data protection. With the help of cloud technology, users can store data in an off-site system. Then, they can send data through their broadband internet connection. This is a convenient way to access data because you can use it from any device that is connected to the Internet. Users can let other individuals get access to this data, too. To keep data protected, most cloud systems use strong data encryption. So, the cloud offers flexibility without compromising security.

We Make It Easy

Logical Front makes it easy whether it’s VDI, DaaS, or Backup and Security! Check out our newest video to find out more and then reach out to us to find out how!