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This brief paper was created to help educational institutions determine if Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Server (DaaS) from Logical
Front are a good fit for their organization.

VDI Benefits

  • Reduce PC refresh costs
  • Extend the life of end points
  • Reduce desktop/laptop management burden
  • Achieve greater utilization of computing assets
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • A viable long-term solution
  • BYOD (”Bring Your Own Device”) policies leverage student-owned devices
A basic diagram of a VDI

Ease of Management

  • Reduce the time IT spends deploying a device
  • Simplify software deployment and updates
  • Simplify OS and application patching
  • Reduce time IT spends on break/fix
Simplify Administration through Image Management

Security and Compliance

  • Centralize and secure access to organizational data and applications
  • Monitor data
  • Simplify compliance requirements
  • Recover from disasters
  • Monitor risk
  • Ability to integrate with Carbon Black end
    point protection
  • Keep virtual desktops inside the firewall


  • Anywhere access to organization applications and data
  • Enables Work from Home/Remote Learning initiatives
  • End user device-agnostic solutions: allows any desktop/laptop, tablet, phone, etc.
  • Access Windows® apps from a non-Windows® device Increases speed of deployment and upgrades
  • Reduce time spend fixing issues
  • Increase user collaboration
  • Allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives
  • Appropriate end-user experience

Desktop as a Service Benefits with Logical Front

  • Logical Front deploys and maintains the network infrastructure
  • Logical Front supports the virtual desktop infrastructure components
  • Customer maintains control of desktop images through an isolated desktop pool
  • Direct access to US-based Logical Front engineering team for assistance and issues
  • Solutions are designed and personalized the way you would build it onsite
  • No need to learn a new platform–managed by Logical Front
Logical Front’s Desktop as a Server (DaaS) offering

Desktop as a Service Benefits with Logical Front

  • Site-to-Site VPN between Customer and Logical Front
  • Trust relationship between Customer AD and Logical Front systems
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure designed, implemented, and maintained by Logical Front
  • Solution will provide pools of virtual desktops for Customer end users

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