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5 Steps to Firework-Worthy IT Project Success


Fourth of July celebrations are synonymous with fireworks. Whether you get a brilliant display or an explosion gone wrong, fireworks are extremely entertaining. IT projects, like fireworks, tend to have one of two outcomes: booming success or flaming disaster. However, IT projects that take a turn for the worse have all the mess without any of the spectacle.

Logical Front CEO, John Lane, shares the 5 questions you should ask before launching a new project:

Project tips from our CEO

“When a client is considering a digital transformation, large or small, we present them with five important questions. Understanding their present state, goals, obstacles, and unique internal processes gives us the foundation of their solution.”

The first two questions are pretty straight forward. They reveal the gap between the current and desired digital presence:

1.       What is your organization’s digital presence today?
2.       What do you want your organization’s digital presence to be?

The final three questions deal with project expectations. Typically, these questions lead to more lengthy and detailed conversations. “As a result, it’s easy to focus too much on educating a client about what items their project requires. But, it’s equally important for us to understand what additional pieces they are expecting.” 

Aspects of expectations include foreseeable roadblocks and risks. However, the most under-discussed factor is the company’s internal processes. Without this discussion, different parties involved in the project will have very different visions of the path and destination. 

3.       What stands in the way of obtaining your organization’s desired digital presence?
4.       How does your organization manage technological change?
5.       What risks (if any) would you encounter at each step of the way?

With these guiding questions, your project can light up your organization.

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