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Data Management Platforms (DMP’s): 3 Costly Errors

Comprehensive, stress-free data management platforms (DMP’s) are essential for effective business operation. Unfortunately, the selection process is not particularly easy.

Too often, businesses face situations like this:

At first, you think you’re getting a data management platform well-suited to your needs. But, in application you find the entire platform fails you. You are left scrambling to control the damage. In times like these,  you need expert counsel to patch the holes in your DMP. Certain cases even require entirely new platforms.

Ideally, you’d have smooth sailing data management in the first place. For better or worse, it’s not everyday that you get a new data management platform. So, to mitigate possible losses from your current platform, look out for these three most common data quality issues:

Data Management Platform (DMP) infographic detailing 3 costly errors you can have on your platform: duplicate data, incomplete data storage, and inconsistent formatting.

1. Duplicate Data

Certain management systems have issues that result in multiple copies of the same file or record. Duplicate data is inconvenient on a good day and an all-out nightmare on a bad one. Tracking down which files are duplicates is tedious. Plus, you shouldn’t have to worry about your storage space disappearing due to unnecessary copies. If you find that you have less storage than you estimate you should have, check for this error as the culprit.

2. Incomplete Data Storage

Sometimes, data management platforms save files without all of the correct information. When records or documents don’t harbor all of the attributes you created, it destroys the validity of the file itself. If left undetected, you could lose a devastating amount of data. And no data means no business. Any suspicion of this error should undergo investigation by an expert ASAP.

3. Inconsistent Formatting

Formatting issues are just plain messy. All the data is there, but it is confusing and therefore nearly useless. For example, let’s say you need to store all of your clients’ contact information in an easy-to-check manner. However, inconsistent formatting plagues your data. The string of digits aren’t broken up in a standard way and saved in the correct label. You end up with confusing strings of numbers. Phone numbers and extended zip codes are indistinguishable. Now what? Such inconsistencies cause endless amounts of confusion and distress, especially in time-sensitive situations.

Logical Front can rapidly resolve these errors so you can utilize your data to the fullest. Contact us.


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