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Memorial Day Security Heroes


Happy Memorial Day!


This weekend we honor all those who gave their lives to defend the United States of America, and other defenseless victims around the world. Amongst the grilling and pool parties, let’s not forget the sacrifices that uphold our freedom.

While war still rages, the most threatening forces take a very different form than they used to. Now, the front line of battle is where cyber security meets hackers. The new enemies aim to shut down our systems, halting economic activity. Additionally, they steal unprecedented amounts of money by infiltrating corporate and personal accounts alike. They invade our privacy and abuse our personal information. What’s more, they lock us out of our own operations and demand ransoms for the key. And they do it all from the comfort of their couches.

Did you know that…

Cyber Security, Army IT 

Consequently, it’s no surprise that the U.S. president recently signed an executive order regarding federal cyber security. The order gives the Department of Homeland Security more power to regulate governmental networks.

Thankfully, IT security professionals don’t typically find their jobs fatal. However, they do donate their lives’ work to continuously strengthening cyber fortifications. They prevent the bondage of having someone else in control of our data, records, and systems. For that, they also deserve our appreciation this Memorial Day.

Thank you to everyone who defends our freedom, whatever front of the battle you fight.


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