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Ode to my Mother(board)

Mother’s Day gifts are hard. What could possibly repay the woman that raised you?  Literally speaking, you would have to fork over $500-800k to reconcile your financial debt to mom. Now you know why your mom calls you “priceless.” But we all know the money was the smallest sacrifice your mom made. You started as morning sickness and never really got easier.

I guess all we can do is attempt to express what she’s worth to us, without simultaneously filling her shelves with trinkets she’ll feel too guilty to throw away. If you need some ideas, I’ve written a poem to a very important mother of mine — my motherboard. I know her importance is not lost on you. So, here it goes. Ahem…


Ode to my Mother(board)


Dear motherboard, you are central to our unit

You connected us all from the beginning

Had our activities in your peripherals so we couldn’t ruin it

When things got too heated you kept the fans spinning


When powered on you self test with barely enough time

To get me up and connect me to the bus

You dressed me for EEPROM, taught me to hard drive in the lines

You work and work without any fuss


I know I’m not a graphic card

Because I could never outgrow your power

On my own, being on time is hard

Your clock generator keeps me on the hour


Oh motherboard, you are the best of the best

You can do more than any mainboard can

Your features are superior thanks to your chipset

Your memory makes fatherboard say “DRAM!”


Seeing your heat sinks makes my heart sink

I want to be more like you

You’re patient, nonvolatile, and your logic makes me think

Dear motherboard, I love you


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and mother figures out there! Let’s give them the appreciation they deserve.


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