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Exploring Your Hyper-converged Infrastructure Options

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Options

ooking to save money and free up IT resources? Then consider simplifying the management of on-premise infrastructure components through exploring hyperconverged infrastructure options. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has become a leading choice for businesses seeking fast, flexible, and cost-saving IT environments.

In fact, an IDC whitepaper proves the cost savings. Businesses using appliances like the Dell VxRail experienced an average 640% five-year ROI.

The benefits don’t end with cost savings over several years. Here are more reasons to explore hyperconverged infrastructure options:

Shorter Deployment Times

Traditional solutions can take months to source, configure, and test. But many hyperconverged infrastructure options can be implemented in weeks or even days. Many hyperconverged appliances come as a full solution, including a computer, storage, networking, and hypervisor. Then they are certified and updated together, using a simplified management interface.

High Reliability

Since each solution is architected unique to the needs of the organization, complexity is actually reduced. Processors, chipsets, and other components (including storage and networking) go through extensive interoperability testing prior to certification.  This further increases reliability for hyperconverged infrastructure options.


When managing your entire stack using disparate components, you’re burdened with the testing and certification of the hardware and software yourself. Every component refresh or update requires a continued certification process as re-testing and re-certification is needed.

Hyperconverged infrastructure options give you the benefits of scalability without the headache. You won’t need to spend resources on expensive re-testing of existing components.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Options

While knowing you need a simplified solution is one thing, choosing the right solution for your unique needs is another

Here are some of the leading hyperconverged appliances and solutions for organizations seeking hyperconverged infrastructure build-outs.


Dell VxRail


  • Since this is an entire integrated system, everything works together.
  • Solid vendor support for years to come, even if there are updates.
  • Updates are automated and controlled by the vendor, but timed and implemented with local resources
  • Clear service recommendations (such as when to replace SSDs and other parts before their fail)
  • Strong technical support and stability
  • Initial setup can be provided by an experienced trusted partner, like Logical Front

  • Initial setup from Dell can be fragmented
  • Dell engineers may take a legacy approach to the hyperconverged install


Cisco FlexPod


  • New scalable and programmable architecture
  • Easy to add new hardware to the cluster
  • Stable and well-supported

  • Improvements needed for day-to-day operations management upgrades
  • Customers reported wanting a single pane of glass management and single pane of glass upgrade processes
  • Some struggles on the support side


HPE Hyper-converged


  • Excellent value in service provided by HPE
  • Turn-key solution thanks to HPE’s 2U platform

  • Could have better monitoring of converged solutions
  • Some users reported wanting additional speed

Each of the above hyperconverged infrastructure options, including Dell’s VxRail, provides on-premise support. But what if you want to take things one step further and move workloads completely off-site?

At Logical Front, we’ve developed a solution we call our eXtensile Cloud. Over time, eXtensile Cloud has proven its ability to meet organization IT requirements. And since eXtensile Cloud can be managed by a trusted partner, you’ll gain an even higher ROI compared to taking resources away from your existing IT team.

Logical Front’s eXtensile Cloud Solution


  • Dell certified partner, so you’re able to get Dell hardware with local vendor support
  • Customized solution recommendations based on an analysis of your data center strategy
  • Moving resources off-site reduces infrastructure management needs by local resources
  • Environment is not only certified together, but managed together without undue cost increase
  • Take a bigger picture approach to your IT needs to fill gaps from hardware vendors, removing hidden complexity and building strong relationships

  • In cases where local presence is required (such as facilities management or physical security), an off-site solution may not be appropriate

There are many hyperconverged infrastructure options and hybrid cloud options to consider.

That’s why Logical Front offers a free assessment, analyzing  your cloud readiness, data storage and protection, data server collection, and more. We are dedicated to recommending solutions that save cost and increase efficiency.  After an assessment, Logical Front can customize a solution that fits where you are today and where you’re growing tomorrow.

To learn more, contact us today.

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